Dream holidays in a village of history, cuisine e pristine nature. A holiday in Umbria.

Pietralunga is a small village located in north-eastern Umbria on the border with the Marche, nestled between soft hills that extend from the upper Tiber valley to the central Apennines. The views flow between the immense state-owned forests, where truffles among the finest in Italy are born, and the large clearings from which man has been able to draw unique and authentic products of the earth.
A quiet corner to come to
contact with nature, ancient traditions and the authenticity of life in a true Italian Borgo.

Start your holiday in Umbria in Pietralunga to enjoy a privileged position to visit the region’s major centres and indulge in the relaxation of an authentic and emotionally rich corner of Italy.

Enjoy the experiences we have selected for you, from walks to truffle hunting, or simply dive into the history of our ancient Borgo.

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the colours and emotions of our Palio of the Mannaja and enjoy the flavours of our land’s cuisine.

Experience an authentic holiday in Pietralunga!


Explore the thousand secretes of Pietralunga