Alberto Alunni

An iron forging artist, an evolution that lasted about 20 years with nature as his companion.

Experimental artistic work in iron, with contaminations of stone and wood.

The artist believes that every place has a special Genius Loco that makes it sacred.

Every creature, every place, every stone is pervaded by a vital spirit that animates it, making it unique; stopping to observe and listen is a first step towards understanding its essence, loving and protecting it.

He thus gives life to trees bent by the force of the wind, landscapes with forests, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and animals; all realised with elements found in nature; a perfect presentation of the Pietralunga area.

Alberto Alunni

I was born and raised in Nice, France, in 1967. I moved to Italy to study as a veterinarian, but my creative vein took over and led me down a different path.

I now live in Pietralunga, in a quaint little stone house that blends in with the beauty of nature

surrounding. On the ground floor of the cottage I created my workshop, which also extends outdoors, merging with nature. Inside, among stones and wood of all types and sizes, and all the material the land gives me, I create my works, inspired by the sounds, smells, colours that surround me, incorporating all these elements to an eternal material like iron.