It starts from Piazza VII Maggio (mt.565) in Pietralunga, runs along Via Roma for its entire length to the junction with the Salceto Lame municipal road and continue on the latter on good road surface.

About 1 km after the junction, on the right side of the roadway, you have the intersection with an unpaved road downhill, which then shortly begins to climb uphill until it skirts the farmhouse Of Val Di Fogna. On the same road, continuing uphill, one arrives at San Benedetto Vecchio; skirting the ancient castle begins a steep descent that leads us to an intersection with a road white (725m asl).

Keeping to our left we go through a dense pine forest and after about 2 km we take the first entrance on the left onto a dirt road immersed in a dense forest: here the scenery becomes really impressive among pines and oaks. We then return to the dirt road (725 m asl) that we had previously left for this variant.

Keeping to our left and climbing for about 300 meters we come to the At the entrance junction of the Wolf Ring (CAI trail 120a). Skirting the old ruins of the Renzini house (750m ) , it presents a path from the beginning very technical , between cerrete and Reforestation of black pine and fir. At the end of the pine forest and after walking about 3 km up and down you come to an intersection with two other trails.

We are just above the Collelungo farmhouse. (750 m). We will notice the sign for St. Peter’s (120) located on the only path down to Left downhill. Ascending in elevation, we follow the mule track until we pass a gate of cattle net, and you arrive on the paved municipal road leading to Salceto Lame.

We now keep our left, descending the asphalt road for about 1km. At the intersection take then the sign indicating Franchi’s House; after about 3.5 km, skirting the old ruin of the House of Franks, we will reach the top of the Castelvecchio viewpoint (830m asl), from where we can glimpse the summit of Mount Nero and Mount Catria. As we descend, we will find ourselves faced with a fork and keeping our left for about 1.5 km we will find ourselves on the provincial road (SP201), which connects Pietralunga to Pianello di Cagli and thus to the border between Umbria and Marche.

A this point you turn right and go downhill for about 1.5km; then you take a dirt road that turns left uphill, entering a rather challenging section with steep ups and downs and significant gradients. As soon as we leave this variant, we find ourselves on a paved road that uphill will make us pass first the church of Castelfranco, then the characteristic Trattoria Mandrelli until the marked pass and the votive shrine of the “Madonna del Viandante.”

Turn right toward Mt. Castellaccio, along path 119 with a beaten earth and stone bottom. Gradually the bottom changes to a Roman-era paved road, which in ancient times connected the site of Forum Iulii Concupiense, in the Carpina Valley, to the Flaminia consular road. The route then reaches the vicinity of San Felice, a perilous little country church, Here we turn to the right, resuming a section of road with a more stable asphalt surface. As soon as you pass the locality Caiburroni you turn right entering a beaten earth path near an aqueduct cistern. The itinerary continues on the valley path that opens up among downy oaks and gorse until we reach a wide meadow near the locality “Casanuova,” which we will leave on the right to proceed on a road at first “paved” and then with an asphalt surface in the direction of the “La Cerqua” farmhouse.

After passing the farmhouse, we will turn right to take a path of boulders and loose stones to the asphalt road heading towards Candeleto. Passing through Via dei Tigli and bypassing the residential area via a well-trodden path at Col de Fiore, we will come to a crossroads, where we will turn right in the direction of Monte Croce by taking path 113. Once you get to the summit of Monte Croce (mt.711) characterized precisely by the imposing cross, you start to descend again towards Pietralunga through the “Nature Trail” with a very technical and fun dirt bottom until you rejoin the paved road near the industrial area d.

From here, still on the road and passing through the parking area below the village, the itinerary will continue through the historic center, entering it through the “Porta del Cassino” to cross the entire “Corso Matteotti” where it will be possible to admire the characteristic “Clock Palace” and end in Piazza VII Maggio.

  • length 42.5 km
  • climb 1080m
  • distance 3h 50m
  • Carpina Bike Signage
  • Difficulty BC of the CAI scale (good skills)