La Capra Trek, your Environmental Guide to discover an extraordinary territory

La Capra Trek offers accompaniment in a natural environment, in the territory of Pietralunga and in the nearby Apennines, with a guide Environmental Hiking, registered in the AIGAE national registers. Organize excursions and trekking for groups, individuals, families, schools.

In addition to taking care of the logistics and safety of activities in nature, La Capra Trek tries to offer keys to knowledge and interpretation of the territory we cross through a multidisciplinary approach.

Our proposals, which always arise from curiosity, from the desire to offer real experiences and from being part of the territory in which we accompany, have the aim of providing a profound experience, which allows those who choose us to bring emotions back home. natural in the baggage of memories.

La Capra Trek is part of a small network of guides and companions: Glocalguides .



Daily excursions in the Pietralunga Forests, in the nearby Apennines (Monte Nerone, Monte Catria, MonteCucco or in the nearby Tiber Valley. For groups, individuals,


Trekking for several days, with hospitality in agritourism structures and / or tent camps set up by the organization. All logistics, including luggage transport, are at our expense.

Refreshments, as far as possible, by local farms. Itinerary: Pietralunga- Monte Catria, 3 days. Possibility of building custom trekking.

All packages are sold, as required by law, through the technical direction of a tourist agency. Period: April-September


Guide Service along the Via Di Francesco. For the entire route or even just for the two stages (or just one) Città di Castello-Pietralunga and Pietralunga-Gubbio. Period; all year round.


A real experience in the exciting search for truffles. During the activity in the woods I will tell some historical notes, what a truffle is, the relationship with the

dog, anecdotes and curiosities of the hunter and truffle hunters, gastronomic suggestions. Period: June-end of August with the summer Scorzone truffle; January / April with the bianchetto truffle


Walk in the name of relaxation and sensory experiences, on easy paths, in the Pietralunga Forests

Fabio Santori

La Capra Trek is a project that was born trying to enhance the passion, skills, dreams and the path taken up to now in life. I am Fabio Santori , an Environmental Hiking Guide associated with AIGAE (UM165 card) after a professional training course, organized by AIGAE itself in Umbria between November 2019 and July 2020.

I started walking about 15 years ago when I did my thesis, for the Degree in Communication Sciences, in Chiapas, in the Mexican south east, where since 1994 the descendants of the Maya organized in the EZLN have given birth to an extraordinary experience of autonomy and self-government.

The meeting with the indigenous peoples, the months spent with the Tojolabales between La Realidad and Rosario Rio Blanco have forever marked the direction and direction of my life. As soon as I graduated, I immediately left. From the Andes of Peru to the Plateau and central valleys of Bolivia, and then up through the Amazon to Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador.

I decided to be an Environmental Hiking Guide because I want to help people, through experiences in Nature, to rediscover their wild side and to raise the awareness that we are all part of the great circle of the Earth ecosystem. To convey the love for our Apennines, with the hope that someone among many can decide to return to live there, thus stopping the depopulation which, combined with the constant closure of essential services, make our ancient mountains sometimes desolately abandoned and sad.

The Umbrian Marche Apennines are my starting point, my territory of existence, the land where I have been taking root for some years. But the horizons in which I would like to accompany you are wide, almost infinite. A thousand ideas hang in the head, always with the ambition to seek deep connections, to explore territories on the margins of mass tourism, to have original goals.

La Capra Trek. Excursions. Experiences. Emotions.