Daily life is exhausting and we often feel the need to break away from routine in order to rediscover ourselves, to consolidate emotional relationships, to devote time to rediscovering simple things and everything that gratifies our senses and that we culpably neglect.

If you decide to regain some of your lost time, the warmth of our Country House, the beauty of the surrounding area and the warm, reserved humanity of these people are the best solution. Just one short stay and as if by magic you will feel spiritually free and physically refreshed.

Our romantic farmhouse in Umbria

The place is Pietralunga, the countryside is the gentle, evergreen countryside of the Alta Val Tiberina. We are in the heart of Italy, in the Umbria of saints and pilgrims, just a few kilometres from the Tuscan Val di Chiana and Val d’Orcia: the beautiful beaches of Le Marche can be reached in less than an hour. The airports of Perugia, Ancona or Rimini are convenient landing places for those coming from abroad. It is a strategic location for travelling through history and the Italian countryside, on the wine and oil routes and in the cities of art, where nature and culture offer uninterrupted marvels, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, from mountain forests to lake landscapes, passing through hills and plateaus where the presence of man is still small and in harmony with the environment.

In this privileged location, surrounded by centuries-old trees and flowering borders, stands the ‘Locanda del Borgo’, from an original 15th-century agricultural complex that was modified and enlarged over the following centuries and has come down to the present day in the guise of a patrician residence.

The complex was recently renovated with a rationalisation of the spaces while respecting the original architecture and recovering materials handed down over the centuries.

From the old rooms, solutions have been created, all different in type and size, furnished with furniture from the first half of the last century, natural fabrics for curtains and upholstery, prints, paintings, carpets and refined details.
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