The starting point is the small Church of San Donnino, which can be reached by driving from Pietralunga along the S.P.106 della Baucca road as far as Cainardi (km. 2) and then turning right in the direction of Montemaggiore; the small church is found after about 5 km. of winding road, at the junction for Caidominici; here we park the cars.
In front of the small church, we walk along path no. 112. In this section, the signs must be identified and scrupulously observed.
We then come across a carriage road that crosses the tarmac road; from here we take a path between two oak trees just downstream that invites us to climb. At the end of the ascent through the gullies, we return to the asphalt road to ride as far as Madonna dei Cinque Faggi. Just before the small church, we connect to a section of the Sentiero Italia (SI), which we take to the left, slightly downhill.
Situated at a crossroads, we find the perilous Osteria delle Rote. After the Osteria, the well-marked Sentiero Italia continues to climb to the summit of Monte di Gragnano (770 metres).
The road continues among rocks sculpted by water and wind. In view of the Prati farmstead, at the height of a hunting lodge, we leave Sentiero Italia to return to path 108, which is on our left.
The route continues alongside a fence, on the right appears the Casella del Vescovo, the site of a hunting farm. At the fork that presents itself, keep to the left, then close to yet another abandoned building (Casa Fontanelle), and you will find yourself on the grassy farm track, which continues evidently in the shade of oaks. When you reach a wooded area, go over a bump and turn left, leaving the main road: check the signs carefully. Barely mentioned, this new path winds its way through a grove of oaks that invites the traveller to walk, until it reaches a wide forest road that now descends among coniferous evergreens. You reach the asphalt road, which you follow for a short distance, and then leave it for a path that descends to the left, marked by some wells on the side of the road; from here you cross the Soara stream via a concrete platform.
We continue walking between the small stream and the fence that protects a cultivation of truffle plants, until a path sign (number 108) reappears near what used to be an old ford, climbing up surrounded by an oak forest. Skirt the forest and at a crossroads turn right, until you reach a vast meadow. In one corner are the ruins of the Matrella farm. In this field, keep to the left until the opposite exit appears. At the pass, take the lower path, which is better marked by trampling, and cross the successive fences.
You return to a white road near Rapastello. After passing the farm, we continue on the asphalt road and soon arrive at San Donnino and the cars.
If we still have time and energy, we leave the main road at a pond for a mule track that descends through vast meadows, beautiful in spring.
At a fork in the road, we keep to the left and enter a small wood until we come to a gravel road: here, we leave trail 108 and the route continues on trail 112. At this point, a beautiful panorama opens up over the peaks of the Apennines.
Follow the road to the right and in a handful of minutes, after a hump, you will discover the ruins of the church of S. Angelo di Fonteroccoli, now a ruined wall embellished with two single-lancet windows.
Retrace your steps and continue on path 112 in the other direction. You arrive at the paved Cainardi-Rapastello road, a few steps to the right and you are back in San Donnino.

  • length 13 km
  • ascent 350 m
  • duration 4h 30m
  • trails 108, 112 and part of 00SI (Sentiero Italia) marked with arrows and white/red paint