It starts from the village of Carpini, on the provincial road between Umbertide and Pietralunga.
We set out on the road that runs high from the church to the cemetery. The road becomes gravel, and at a crossroads with a farmhouse on the bend, you take a left.
Just above, the farmhouse placed in control of Count Della Porta’s vast estates that stretched as far as beyond Rocca d’Aria. As we ascend, we discover views of the Carpinella Valley and the opposite mountains that we will partly traverse. Along the stony street, two easily circumvented bars are encountered. Continuing uphill we cross trail 115, which we will follow in the direction of Montone, then descend to the left at the trivium. On the right higher up is the country church of Madonna del Nespolo. The route, coinciding with the Umbra Horse Trail, merges into a wider road that continues straight ahead following the ridge. Ignoring the path going downhill to the left, continue to the right bypassing the Civitella knoll and at the junction always follow path 115.
The descent is accompanied first by an oak and maple forest, and then by a pine forest. Past a house, you find yourself on the asphalt at Tre Ponti, at the confluence of the Carpina and Carpinella rivers. We use one of the bridges to cross the provincial road and continue on path 116: a paved road that climbs to an altitude of 430 metres near the Campo della Fiora house. You skirt the fence and immediately after at a crossroads you should keep left,along a shady path. After another fork, you continue to climb to the right and when you are about to go round the knoll, Montone appears. It then leads to a white carriage road which, taken to the left, reaches Madonna dei Confini in a few moments. The route stretches along a ridge between two valleys: that of the Carpinella, bordered by Mount Gengarella and marked by the ruins of Castriciano, and the valley of the Rio San Faustino barred by the slopes of the mountain of the same name and the Rancino; on the horizon the omnipresent Nerone.
Continue straight on to a crossroads of roads, lanes and paths; cross what used to be the farmyard of the Moravola nucleus to reach a farmstead, which is passed by skirting the edge of the forest to the right, still following path 116. Past a stream, we begin to climb; having reached a meadow, behind a walnut tree a steep uphill path is revealed dotted with several gates, all of which can be opened, that reaches the ruin of the Bazzucaglia house (610 meters).
This leads to a wider gravel road which, taken to the left, soon leads to the monastery complex of San Faustino. After passing the abbey, you immediately turn left, entering a vast pastureland meadow. Here it pays to pay attention to signage no. 116 following the fence that runs high; after an abstruse passage between the netting, you skirt another field until you reach the semi-mobile gate where you spot a path going down to the left. You pass a ditch, and ascending, at a crossroads with a gravel road, take a left, then turn right immediately afterwards, before reaching Casa Valbona.
Now the comfortable road stretches towards the valley, skirting the Diavolaccio, as the farmers called the Cavagnetti locality.
When you reach the valley, you cross a bridge, after which at the branch to Monte Valentino, keeping to the left, you reach the provincial road. Four hundred meters to the left and we will find our car again.

  • length 18 km
  • ascent 650 m
  • duration 5h 45m
  • trails 115 and 116 marked with arrows and white/red paint