The starting point is in Piazza 7 Maggio at an altitude of 565 metres above sea level. We pass through the historic centre of the town with its characteristic alleyways and drive along the sp201 in the direction of Umbertide towards the actual start of the route.

It starts with a climb of about 1 km at a 10% gradient on a gravel road, which is left turning left just before arriving at the command station of the Carabinieri Forestali di Pietralunga. Afterwards, through short ups and downs, always on a paved road, we head towards the first path of the approximately 1 km-long route, this is characterised by up and downs followed by short descents, the gravel surface alternating between smooth and uneven stretches with the presence of stones.

The trail ends at the communal road leading to Monte Croci, the summit of which is 735 metres above sea level.

This first part of the route within the Candeleto nature reserve is characterised by an unspoilt natural environment and the constant presence of shade.

We then continue on an asphalt road uphill at 6-7% for about 1.5 km, at the end of which (altitude 650 m) we turn left and continue on a gravel road on a false level for 1 km. We turn right (watch out for the fork), leaving the main road for the next path.

This part of the route is about 4.8 km long and is characterised by a dirt track alternating with stretches where there are loose stones, the first part has some ups and downs followed by a short descent, which in the initial part is more challenging due to the presence of stones and then fast due to the beaten dirt track.

At the ‘Picciati’ locality, the real descent begins on a wide dirt road, which then becomes single track at the end near the crossing of the Carpina river (390 m altitude). (IMPORTANT: the ford is passable without getting wet even in winter during non-rainy periods).

We are therefore in the Carpina valley, whose name derives from the stream of the same name that flows through it (the Carpina, to be precise, a tributary of the Tiber river), a virgin and uncontaminated environment, rich, on a botanical level, and on a landscape level, in small treasures, such as the series of small waterfalls, natural pools, small wooden bridges and ancient mills.

The route continues on a paved road where, for the less energetic, there is the possibility of returning to the village at Cai Gisti.

For those who continue, however, there is the 2.6-kilometre climb to Pieve De’ Saddi with an average gradient of 8.1% on a wide road with a paved surface.

In loc. Pantano you leave the main road and turn right along a rather winding stretch that ends at loc. Palazzo Del Riccio (altitude 630 m), where we join the main road leading to Loc. Candeggio. Along this stretch we can admire the Pieve De’ Saddi complex to our left.

We now turn back as we have several relatively easy kilometres ahead of us and can admire the 360° panorama, seeing the highest peaks in this area of the Apennines (M. Nerone, M. Catria and M. Cucco) in the distance.

As we said, for a few kilometres the route is mostly flat with the presence of a few easy climbs, the surface is asphalt and the roadway is wide.

We then take the Sp106 road that connects Pietralunga and Città di Castello for about 1 km, which we leave at the end of the climb, in the locality of “Perrubbio” at an altitude of 800 metres, turning left to tackle the “Montaccio” road, about 2.8 km on a shady and uneven surface consisting of continuous ups and downs.

At the end of this stretch, we enter the communal road that leads to loc. Rapastello.

The route continues downhill for about 800 metres on the main road and then veers onto a sigle track with a gravel surface of about 1.5 km that will take us to loc. Pagialla.

Here we face the descent to the Pagialla cemetery, which we can divide into two parts, the first fast on a gravel surface and the second more technical but still fast on a gravel surface with a final steep section.

The descent ends in Loc. Casa del Fattore where we continue along the asphalted municipal road for 1.6 km, where at “Molino Maccherone” we are about to tackle the last climb of the day 1.7 km at 7% on a gravel surface, which will end at the “La Cerqua” organic farm.

Now an undulating section awaits us, which leads us to the last short descent with a considerably uneven gravel surface.

We return to the provincial road SP106 and in about 2 km we are at the end of the route, returning to the starting point.

  • length 38 km
  • altitude gain 1130m
  • duration 3h 40m
  • Green arrows on a white background marked MTB 02
  • Piazza 7 maggio – 06026 – Pietralunga (PG).