The St Francis' Way

The St Francis' Way and its stage in Pietralunga

A single path to reach Assisi on the steps of San Francesco, starting from La Verna

The St Francis’ Way

The St Francis’ Way is an itinerary on foot , by bicycle and on horseback that connects some places that testify to the life and preaching of the Saint of Assisi; a pilgrimage journey , which intends to re-propose the Franciscan experience in the lands that the Poverello has trod in his itineraries.
Precisely in the adherence to the story of Francis the Way finds its plausibility and its charm: the landscapes on which the pilgrim’s eye rests are the same ones that cheered the simple heart of Francis; the stopping places preserve the memory of his words and deeds; the people you meet along the way are related to him.
Despite everything, Umbria has remained the land of Francis, nourished by a spirituality that speaks of love for little things, of respect and gratitude for creation, of generous welcome to the other, whoever he is.
Walking along the Way of Francis, then, constitutes an authentic path of the spirit , which meets the desire of man, even of today’s man, to seek the meaning of his own existence in the depths of himself.
The figure of Francis, who towers over Assisi, the destination of the journey, actually accompanies the entire journey, speaking to the mind and heart of the traveler of the possibility of leading daily life in full harmony with the world, with man and with God.
It is a precious art of living, which is the most authentic fruit of the journey to Assisi: a gift that Francis’ Umbria is capable of giving to the pilgrim, as to any person who approaches it with an open mind. .

Stage 5 – from Città di Castello to Pietralunga

From Città di Castello to Pietralunga, you go up and down in the silence of the woods with the possibility of shortening the route by choosing intermediate stops.

In this stage, you leave behind the linear geometries of the squares of Città di Castello, to reach the town of Pietralunga in the woods, and often under the sun.
After about 6 km from the start, you will reach Il Sasso, a stopping point and, above all, the last useful point for stocking up on water and food. From here begins the gradual ascent and then the descent to a “place of the heart” of the Via: Pieve de ‘Saddi, the center of the first Christianization of the Upper Tiber Valley and for centuries the religious center of the entire mountain area.
The path continues between climbs and descents between valleys and fields where the silence and peace of the places regenerate the spirit.
Along the way there are several stopping points to restore your body, which allow you to face the continuous ups and downs that lead to Pietralunga, where you can enjoy the tranquility and warm welcome of this small Umbrian village.
Due to its length, the stage must be tackled calmly, taking advantage of the intermediate stops.
We advise you to conserve the energy to face the last descent and then climb to reach Pietralunga.

  • IDeparture - Città Di Castello
  • HArrival - Pietralunga
  • length 29.5 Km
  • positive difference in height 985 m
  • Signage on yellow Tau and yellow-blue vertical and horizontal signs
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